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My expertise and personal objective is to continuously transform academic research into world-class innovative products. I’m focusing in conversion methods of innovative research results into tangible products and services, that can offer solutions to significant global social problems having humans in the center. The secret is by correlating and combining existing/future technologies, sociology, behavioral science and research outputs, to solve current or future problems under the correct timeframe

Researchers need to have confidence in their capabilities and their vision will lead them to the transformation of innovative research results into tangible products and services capable of providing solutions for major problems.

I studied Electrical Engineering obtaining a 1st Scottish honors (valedictorian) @ Dundee University with extended postgraduate studies at Imperial College, London School of Economics, French Ecole Polytechnique (X99) and my Engineering PhD at the National Technical University of Athens. I have dedicated many years in advanced research and ways of using applied research outputs to solve real society problems. More on my studies and research areas here

From 2005 to 2011, I have worked on technical trend forecasting methodologies and innovation management procedures, focusing on Big Data problems applied to Utilities and the Energy Sector (Smart Grids). From 2011 I’m also focusing on IoT, Sensor grids, SmartCities, Analytics and the use of behavioral science to interact with human digital entities (mobile) for human engagement. Recently I have entered into the medical analytics world, by advising and investing in related startups. Engagement is a big buzzword that can be defined in many ways. Engagement Analytics is a brand new vertical sector that incorporates all the available algorithms, data sources, procedures and mechanics of analysing, measuring, quantifying and optimizing human engagement with digital channels

I have published numerous research papers and technical reports and have given talks (TedXer, Lecturer) about analytics, engagement, research and entrepreneurship; you can find more on my academic work and applied research here. I have won various global innovation and entrepreneurship prizes, from 2007 up to 2012 (ie. Red herring, Silicon valley SVASE, OECD eco-innovation, Siemens World Smart Grids, CeBIT Cleantech, etc) and I offer my mentoring services to the StartupBootcamp HitechXL accelerator; I’m also a top-100 global mentor at the Founder Institute

I founded Intelen as an applied research group in 2006 and co-founded its legal entity Intelen, Inc in 2011, to materialize research outputs on a global scale, raising various funding rounds and achieving growth on the Utility analytics and engagement markets. I’m also advising and investing in medical imaging/analytics startups, mobile analytics and consumer engagement/gamification. More on my entrepreneurial venture path here

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