Digital Transformation and the “virtual-physical” world on a 5th Dimension

In some recent discussions I had with friends, the term Digital Transformation (DT) came up. DT refers to the changes associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. And when we talk about humans this is where a second term enters into the equation: physical world.

Many big vendors refer to this term or have already developed services about transforming digitally old markets or the human society to jump on a higher digital dimension…

If we try to approach the topic from a different perspective, someone can admit that digital and social are becoming the 5th dimension in our life, if of course we accept that we experience all the other four (still without any control on the Time dimension)

Let me get it simple: when Facebook entered into our lives some years ago, a brand new virtual world was born that reminds a bit the super movie “Surrogates“. As this interactive digital human-driven subspace evolves, new technologies arise to make it more interactive and transform it to something more “human-oriented”;

Oculus buy-out from Facebook was not at all a random event, a new 5th dimension is under development, the one where we will be able to control all physical dimensions (our appearance, our status, our profile, our avatar, etc) PLUS time: a fully digital-virtual world with human-driven avatars and emotions. Looks like Matrix

The immediate need then, would be to connect somehow some physical variables from our real-life and upload them into the virtual world; and this is where Internet of Things -IoT- technologies will help to the maximum degree.

IoT still searches for its value proposition…his unique value prop as the technology is there and evolves fast. Various IoT sensors (wearable or not) that will collect emotions, physical interactions, medical data, health and other variables will be uploaded to our social/virtual profile and will start interacting with other virtual characters, forming a digital social world with interactions based on real data, multidimensional and not single-dimensional as Facebook right now

This is the Digital Transformation not of any industry but of the real human physical world, as we humans will be operating on a 5th dimension…the next step will be Transcendence, where a fully physical human model (descriptive data of our body, emotions, experience, memory, life interactions, psychometric, etc) will be digitally uploaded into the cyberspace…;-)

…more on this topic on my upcoming futurology talk @ the SAP Youth Forum pretty soon 🙂